Spans is leader in developing Smart and Sustainable Gaushalas

Smart and sustainable gaushalas

Happy Cows, happy Farmers

We develop and operate sustainable smart cow sheds to ensure a safe and healthy living place for cows. 

We focus on added value, climate neutral operations, without antibiotics, and more generation of energy and recycling of raw materials from manure. 

We convert waste to resources, protect the environment and create a sustainable ecosystem for better business and life.

Integrated Solutions to
Maximize Resource Recovery

Clean Energy and Organic Resources

We provide end-to-end solutions for collecting, cleaning and converting your waste from cow sheds into energy and number of useful products. This helps you improve the operations and maintenance of your existing facility from compliance perspective


Generate clean energy from kilowatts to mega watts


Create marketable manure and fertilizers and eliminate disposal costs


Recover clean compressed biogas to use for beneficial purposes

Clean Water

Recover clean water from all types of wastewaters

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Your Waste, More Value.

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