July 21, 2009

Water Reclamation/Reuse

Recycled water is used every day. Our oceans, rivers and lakes continually cleanse and replenish themselves in an endless hydrologic cycle. But nature can’t keep pace with the demands created by growing populations. Therefore, water reclamation is a vital means of dealing with drought, meeting our ever-increasing regulatory requirements, and conserving potable water supplies. Modern wastewater treatment technologies make use of the many processes that occur in the natural environment.

At Spans, we recognize the value of recycling and reuse to conserve finite water resources and protect our environment. We have partnered with our clients to produce many million liters of reclaimed water each year, which is used to irrigate golf courses, parks and agricultural crops, and used for power plant cooling, groundwater replenishment, wetland maintenance and recreational purposes. Our team specializes in designing new and advanced water reclamation facilities and implementing strategies to optimize water reclamation and conservation. We are dedicated to conserving this valuable resource and preserving our environment.