Spans is now the Indian partner to Model Engineering (Belgium)

It is our great pleasure to announce that Spans is now the India representative for Model Engineering nv/sa (Belgium)

Model Engineering nv/sa (ME) is an inventive consultancy, R&D and engineering firm with a novel approach, advanced technology and over 33 years worldwide expertise in sustainable water solutions. ME’s expertise covers advanced water and wastewater treatment (clear water), sustainable water management (water efficiency) and green energy (biogas) for industries and communities.

By using a novel model based approach, ME develops and applies its sustainable water management methodology 5D-WM™ and treatment technologies AS+™ and AN+™ as to achieve more with less: more energy from wastewater, more water for reuse at top quality and more water efficiency in less space and with less energy, less waste and less cost for a drastically smaller water and carbon footprint.

AS+™ is the ultimate activated sludge (AS) system generating the highest water quality for reuse at the lowest cost in new and existing (upgrade) biological sewage and wastewater treatment plants. AS+™ outperforms other AS systems and even MBR systems by its excellent results, small footprint, low total cost and easy O&M. AS+™ successfully purifies municipal sewage as well as wastewater from drink, food, chemical, pharmaceutical and pulp & paper industries since 1995. Many more industries and cities would benefit from AS+™ .

Please contact us to learn more about the new range of services and technologies we now offer.

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